Bill Murray Goes to a Party

Instead of calling it an early night in St. Andrews after the bars were winding down and the golf tournament he was there for had ended, Bill Murray decided to go out and explore the city.

He’d been out to drinks with fellow golfers when he met a beautiful blonde Nordic woman named Lykke Stavnef, who was there with her friend Marie Bergene who, naturally, invited him to a party.

Bill Murray said yes.

When they showed up, the 22 year old Lykke Stavnef says that nobody could believe that she had brought him to a house party. She was concerned that there were not enough clean dishes there, so Bill Murray actually decided to start washing dishes. Everyone was amused when he cleaned some dishes so that people could drink, but even more charmed when he happily accepted drinking vodka out of a coffee mug.

Before he left, he finished cleaning the feet-high dishes pile left by the college students, then went back to his hotel.